Gower Shipwreck - Glanrhyd

Name: Glanrhyd
Nationality: British
Location: Offshore - precise location unknown
Date of Wreck: 15/01/1938
Cargo: Coal duff
Visible Remains: Graves of John McRan and John Cane, St Cattwg's Church, Port Eynon

The Glanrhyd was a Swansea registered vessel weighing some 1,525 tons, and to this day the precise cause and location of her loss are unknown. She set sail from Newport on Saturday 15th January 1938 bound for Manchester with a cargo of coal duff, but never arrived at her destination. That day a fierce storm raged along the Welsh coast and it is thought that the ship was overwhelmed and foundered in exceptionally high seas somewhere off Gower. It was only with the discovery of two bodies and a ships boat washed up on Rhossili beach the following day that the alarm was raised, but by then it was too late. Over the next few days a further six bodies were recovered between Slade and Whitford, with the rest of her seventeen man crew thought lost at sea. Two of the crew, John McRan and John Cane, are buried in the graveyard at St Cattwg's Church, Port Eynon.

11725 - Glanrhyd Shipwreck Grave, Port Eynon 11726 - Glanrhyd Shipwreck Grave, Port Eynon