Gower Shipwreck - Unknown Oxwich 1

Name: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Location: Near Oxwich Point
Date of Wreck: Unknown
Cargo: Unknown
Visible Remains: Large metal boiler

Just to the west of Oxwich Point a large ships boiler can be seen exposed on the rocks at low tide. Sections of its outer casing have been lost, most likely due to salvage activity rather than the actions of the sea. Those elements which do remain are in relatively good condition but its origins are presently unknown. Due to the nature of the coast in this area it can't be ruled out that the boiler has travelled some distance from its original wreck site during fierce storms.

A possible candidate for this wreck is the steam tug Mumbles which ran aground here in fog on 25th February 1931. Attempts to refloat her failed and she ultimately broke up.

24959 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Point

24957 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Point 24962 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Point

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