Gower Shipwreck - Vennerne (Vernani), Rhossili

Name: Vennerne (Sometimes referred to as the Vernani)
Nationality: Danish
Location: Old Castle Corner, Rhossili
Date of Wreck: 24/10/1894
Cargo: Ballast
Visible Remains: Various pieces of the hull.

Another of the Gower shipwrecks that is only truly revealed at low tide, the Vennerne lies embedded in the sands of Old Castle Corner on Rhossili beach. With the sea gone the haunting remains provide a prominent scar on the otherwise flat beach. Several pieces of the hull and rigging are still visible and can be accessed from ground level quite easily.

11203 - Vennerne Shipwreck, Gower 11206 - Vennerne Shipwreck, Gower

The Vennerne was a 275 tonne barque on the way from Aberdovey to Swansea when rough seas forced her to take shelter in the protection afforded by Worms Head. Unfortunately that protection did not prove enough as she dragged her anchor and found herself driven onto the beach beneath the cliffs. The Rhossili L.S.A. were quickly on the scene and tried to fire safety lines across from the land to the ship. All were unsuccessful. With the chance of the Vennerne suffering further damage increasing with every minute that past the Captain, along with his family and crew, made the decision to abandon ship and made it ashore on a small boat.

The next day an attempt was made to refloat the Vennerne but this ultimately proved fruitless. She wrecked later that day. The Iron Hull was sold at auction for the princely sum of £54. The remains that can be seen today is all that is left from that salvage operation.

11201 - Vennerne Shipwreck, Gower 11200 - Vennerne Shipwreck, Gower
(Left) The Remains (Right) The Vennerne with Rhossili beach stretching away in front

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