Gower Shipwreck - Unknown Oxwich 2

Name: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Location: Near Oxwich Point
Date of Wreck: Unknown
Cargo: Unknown
Visible Remains: Several pieces of ships furniture and some twisted metal

Walking along the beach a mile or so west of Oxwich Point reveals several items of ships furniture and small pieces of twisted metal. The majority of these appear to have been used to direct ropes judging from the wear patterns observed and were probably once attached to a ships mast. Due to their proximity with the first unknown wreck at Oxwich Point it is possible that they are one and the same, but for now I will keep them separate until further information can be obtained.

25004 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Point 25000 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Poin
24994 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Poin 24996 - Unidentified Shipwreck, Oxwich Poin

Location Information: