Gower Shipwreck - Solor, Oxwich bay

Name: Solor
Nationality: Norwegian
Location: Oxwich Bay
Date of Wreck: 29/01/1945
Cargo: Fuel oil and crated gliders
Visible Remains: Middle section of hull at low tide

24947 - Solor shipwreck, Oxwich

The Solor is perhaps one of the better known Gower wrecks and for a long time was visible close inshore at Oxwich. She was an 8,262 ton Norwegian motor vessel, completed in 1938 and delivered to her home port of Oslo shortly after. During her early years she travelled alone but from 1942 was frequently to be seen as part of a convoy in an effort to increase security against attack.

On the 13th January 1945 the Solor set sail from New York with a cargo of fuel oil and crated gliders destined for the Clyde. On 27th January she was struck by a torpedo from u-boat U-825 in the Irish Sea, killing two crew and badly damaging her hull. Two days later she managed to limp into Oxwich Bay where she was beached to allow the unloading of her cargo. Very quickly the Solor broke into three with the front section almost immediately being towed to Briton Ferry for dismantling. The stern remained until July 1952 when the decision was made to remove the ships remains from above the waterline. Today the middle section is all that is left.

24949 - Solor shipwreck, Oxwich

24944 - Solor shipwreck, Oxwich

24952 - Solor shipwreck, Oxwich

The Solor is now a popular diving destination and is well known for having a healthy population of Conger Eels. Interestingly there are reports that one of the ships holds contains hundreds of intact beer and whisky bottles. For those wishing to make the trip a large white 'W' has been painted on the cliffs parallel to where the wreck lies.

24945 - Solor shipwreck, Oxwich

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