Gower Shipwrecks - Pitch from the Glenravil Miner

Name: Pitch from the Glenravil Miner
Nationality: Welsh
Location: Port Eynon to Overton

It's worth remembering that most wrecks around the Gower coast resulted in not only the loss of the ship but also the cargo being carried at the time. With coal, steel and wood being highly valued and easily collected from the foreshore it's perhaps not surprising that today's shipwreck hunter can find little evidence of those spilled loads. However, if you look carefully amongst the rocks between Port Eynon Point and Overton you might just stumble across some small, sticky black blobs. These are globules of pitch which most likely emanate from the Glenravil Miner, a schooner which broke up west of Overton on the 22nd March 1894.

11647 - Tar from Shipwreck, Port Eynon, Gower